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Student Success

  Time Management: Setting Goals
If you can identify your goals and the unique purpose that gives your life direction, you are more likely to accomplish success. The things you accomplish will have more meaning because they link to the vision you had for your life.

What are your short-term and long-term goals?

Establishing and achieving goals is much like a train traveling along a track to a destination. Picture yourself as a steam engine. You have a destination (goal). Along the way, you make stops to pick up passengers, food, luggage, coal, water and sometimes freight (knowledge, experiences, and sometimes baggage to slow you down). Your engine can pick up steam and arrive at the destination early or it can dillydally along the way wasting time. The freight and baggage can be heavy and it can slow the train down (Murphy’s Law). You, the conductor must make periodic evaluations to make sure that the train stays on the track (reality checks.) If the train veers off on another track, the conductor (you) charts out an alternate route to get back on track. Setting and obtaining goals is much like the train traveling toward its destination.

Make your goals realistic!

Unrealistic goals are formulas for failure. Goals should not be easy but they should be attainable and they should have an impact on your life when completed. Goals are the concrete expression of what is most important to you. They help you focus your efforts, and they break down your big picture dreams into specific, achievable tasks. Goals can help you make your dreams come true. Choose your goals and make them happen.

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